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Team Rubicon - Robie Creek Cut-up

During this Team Rubicon project, sawyers will have the opportunity to practice their cutting skills and work with Idaho's chainsaw instructors on a variety of mountain terrain to help homeowners meet Firewise Urban Wildland Interface living standards. We will also be holding a Chainsaw Operations 1 – Assistant Sawyer course!

Chainsaw operations are one of the most dangerous tasks we perform. Proper training provides Team Rubicon members a host of opportunities to sharpen the core knowledge and skills required to safely perform disaster operations. We must be safe, we must be proficient, and we must be confident. Experience is gained not by simply becoming Sawyer 1 certified, but by sustaining your skills through repetition of basic training principles and building on these by further instruction.

The "cut" portion of this event is open to all TR qualified chainsaw operators who have completed Sawyer 1 or Sawyer 2 training. If you are not Sawyer qualified, there is still lots of work to do as swampers. In addition to being an excellent opportunity to hone your chainsaw skills, we are providing valuable fire mitigation. This cut day is in partnership with the Robie Creek Volunteer Fire Department to help a local community get started on becoming "Fire Wise".

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