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Draw on your service, excel in the transition to your next career, and connect with employers seeking talent developed through service.



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You volunteered. You fought for the American dream. Now Hire Heroes USA is your resource to go get your version of that dream. With one-on-one coaching, veterans and their spouses can articulate their experience into a relevant resume for the civilian world and confidently seek out a fulfilling career path. Hire Heroes USA has over 16,000 confirmed hires nationally and all services are provided free of charge. Join now and we will connect you with Idaho's Hire Heroes USA team so you can get started!



Leadership. Teamwork. Dedication. These are just a few of the attributes companies hiring veterans and military spouses will find through Hire Heroes USA. With the Hire Heroes USA Job Board, you can connect with job ready candidates in Idaho seeking their next career. Use code "M43PARTNER" for a 50% discount!


One of the greatest ways you can thank a military family for their service is by volunteering your time. Hire Heroes USA volunteers help with mock interviews, career counseling, and outreach. Use your professional experience and knowledge to give back! 

We can help them not only to be a happy member in their community, but to be a leader in their community.
— Brian Stann, President & CEO: Hire Heroes USA, US Marine Corps, Silver Star Recipient