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43INC Entrepreneurs: Build A Logistics Business And Support Two New Schools

In August 2019, two new schools will open in southwest Idaho that need a company to provide logistics and nutrition services for their students. They have turned to the 43INC Entrepreneurs program for help in solving this problem.

Your Challenge

Create the company to meet the logistics and/or nutrition needs for these schools. Your new business could potentially win two contracts and quickly be on the path to growth and revenue.

  • Logistics Requirement Overview: Develop the routing, student aggregation points, hire drivers, provide daily bus service, and conduct scheduled maintenance. (the schools will provide the buses)

  • Nutrition Requirement: Work with local suppliers to acquire food and implement the school lunch program. (the schools will provide the kitchen facilities)

  • Contract Start & Duration: August 2019  // Up to 5 years

  • Schools: Treasure Valley Classical Academy in Fruitland, Idaho and Elevate Academy in Caldwell, Idaho.

How Do You Get Involved

Take part in the next 43INC Entrepreneurs Garage (January 2019) so you have the knowledge and connections to build your business using the Lean Startup Methodology. The leadership from these two schools will work collaboratively with you throughout the process and you will have mentorship through the M43 / Venture College program to assist you along the way.


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