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Team Rubicon Type II Wildland Firefighter Training

The Bureau of Land Management is looking for military grade talent to help protect our public lands as Type 2 Wildland Firefighters. Get qualified May 4-7th at the National Interagency Firefighting Center in Boise through the partnership between BLM and Team Rubicon. Those qualified will have the opportunity to deploy and get paid throughout the summer and may find the opportunity to begin a career as a Wildland Firefighter. 

Here is what you can expect (and here are some photos from previous years):

Day 1: In-processing and 45lb weighted pack test.
Day 2: Classroom ops covering ICS, fire behavior, PPE, and human factors.
Day 3: Field Day! Learn to use the tools and operate safely on the fire line.
Day 4: Wrap up and graduation.

There are some pre-requisites. Please make sure you are a TR member (both military and civilian can join) and have your ICS 100 and 700 complete.