43INC Happy Hour with Team Rubicon

Task Force Locust (aka Mission43) came in to Payette Brewing Company, took up space, enjoyed some beers, and had a great time with other members and our community partners. This 43INC Happy Hour had a Team Rubicon slant with the Regional X Administrator, Aaron Mallary, flying in from his HQ in Seattle. He presented Sandra Rollings the very first Region X challenge coin for for her leadership in Operation Payette Forward (learn more about this first ever Idaho TR op here). 

We also had a few of our community partners swing by to talk about how they are working with Mission43. 

  • Trailhead is providing scholarships for their stackable front-end code school classes. More to follow on this...we will be announcing how to apply for the next class starting April 24th
  • Keller Williams Front Porch Properties is helping us connect our members to veteran real estate agents (especially those out of state) who want to learn more about the local area. They also have some pretty cool incentives to pile on with your closing costs. 

Next 43INC Happy Hour is April 27th...swing on by!

43INC With Our Toughest Guest Ever

Brian Von Herbulis (L), Mission43 INC and Brian Stann (R), Hire Heroes USA

First off, if you are reading this it is pretty much guaranteed our 43INC guest Brian Stann can beat you up. Why? Well he fought in the UFC. He played football at the United States Naval Academy (although he did lose to Army one of those years...Beat Navy!). He was a USMC infantry officer. He was awarded the Silver Star for his actions leading men through intense combat near Al Qaim, Iraq in 2005. Now, he is the CEO of Hire Heroes USA which to-date has helped over 13,000 veterans and military spouses find employment.

Brian Stann clearly has an incredible resume, but he had the same problem a lot of veterans have transitioning out of the military. He tackled this head-on as soon as we got going in this 43INC session. When he left the USMC he made his own resume and it ended up being three pages long. How do you translate military experience for a civilian company? What does leading troops in combat have to do with leading teams outside of the military? This is what Hire Heroes USA does like no other veteran employment organization, and they are a making a huge impact for Mission43 members.

Brian’s message was strong. You are the one who is responsible for your transition. You have to choose to live the American dream. And if you do, the entire Hire Heroes USA organization will be behind you to support your transition. 

Click to learn more about Hire Heroes USA role in Mission43.

KTVB's Viewpoint Features Mission43

Bryan Madden (M43 Program Director) and Brian Stann (CEO of Hire Heroes USA) sat down with Doug Petcash, host of KTVB's Viewpoint. They talked about the what is happening nationally and at a local level for veterans and military spouses transitioning into civilian life. You can check out that segment here: VIEWPOINT.

After the Brian and Bryan show, Sandra Rollings from Team Rubicon talked about what they have been up to, including the recent Operation Payette Forward.

Behind the scenes on KTVB with Doug Petcash (left), Bryan Madden (middle), and Brian Stann (right).

Behind the scenes on KTVB with Doug Petcash (left), Bryan Madden (middle), and Brian Stann (right).

Support to the Idaho National Guard

Mission43 was honored to host the kick-off reception for The Adjutant General’s Leadership Day. (The “TAG” is the Major General, or two-star, in command of a state’s National Guard). We hung out in the Telaya Winery production area and were joined by Butch Whiting, CEO and co-founder of Kryptek Outdoor Group.

Brian Von Herbulis, the 43INC man-in-charge, and Butch have both successfully commanded in combat and gave a great perspective on leadership. And the Telaya wine was as good as it gets!

Idaho National Guard Reception in the Telaya Winery "Production Room"

A Partnership with the ESPN Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Mission43 partnered with ESPN’s Famous Idaho Potato Bowl to provide over 2,000 tickets for military families to watch the University of Idaho take on Colorado State. We also hosted a tailgate for the first 500 people to show up for the festivities in our exclusive Mission43 tent that featured local brews, BBQ, and coffee from Cafe Mule (Idaho veteran owned business!). A few lucky military spouses even won access badges to the heated sky box!

No game is complete without a flyover from something that burns JP-8. Thanks to the 391st Bold Tigers, an F-15E squadron from Mountain Home Air Force, for the three ship that hit the timing perfectly.

A 43INC Focused on Non-Profits

Non-profits play an important role in our community and three of the organizations in Mission43 operate under 501c(3) status. So, we thought it was important to hear from the leaders who have created some of the best non-profits we know of.

Mike Erwin, founder of the 100,000 strong Team Red, White, & Blue, started this non-profit while attending grad school at University of Michigan. Mike was an intelligence officer in the Army after graduating from West Point in 2002, and typical of the “it’s a small world” military worked directly with Brian Von Herbulis (43INC HFMIC) in Afghanistan years prior. His high energy and positive psychology led him to create his next non-profit, the Positivity Project. We love Mike!

Jimmy Hallyburton, a Boise local and favorite in the community, is the founder and CEO of the Boise Bicycle Project. Jimmy is a good friend of the Mission43 team and is a natural born leader. BBP is doing incredible things for the kiddos, ladies incarcerated in the prison down on Pleasant Valley Road, and everyone in between. Jimmy also recently brought an incredible Mission43 veteran onto his board to bring expertise in leadership and project management. Thanks for being you, Jimmy!

Finally, Charlie Linville is part of the Heroes Project and etched himself in history this past May for becoming the first combat amputee to summit Mount Everest. He brings the perspective of a veteran who has worked closely with a non-profit to do great things after leaving the service.

We had a fantastic evening thanks to our community partner, Trailhead. Trailhead is a Boise based entrepreneur incubator and was gracious enough to give us the space for the evening. Thanks fellas!!!

M43INC with Kryptek Outdoor Group

Co-founders of Kryptek Outdoor Group, Butch Whiting (L) and Josh Cleghorn (R).

Co-founders of Kryptek Outdoor Group, Butch Whiting (L) and Josh Cleghorn (R).

Authentic. Credible. Cool
— Josh Cleghorn, Co-Founder Kryptek Outdoor Group on how they built their brand

Did you know Kryptek Outdoor Group, one of the hottest clothing companies in the outdoor market, is an Idaho veteran owned business. Kryptek’s founders were two former Army Apache helicopter pilots, who forged a bond flying together in Iraq and shared a common love of hunting.  

Success didn’t fall in their lap though. Butch Whiting and Josh Cleghorn talked us through how they had to adapt after a heavy blow to their company’s future. They were one of the finalists in a bid to become the United States Army’s next camouflage pattern. In testing all over the world, different lighting conditions, different environments, they consistently beat the competition. Then this small two many Army got a taste of politics and the DoD acquisition system. All of a sudden the project was put on hold and they were informed they would not be selected. So what next?

They chose to succeed. Take a look around and you will see Kryptek on hunters, in movies (The Hunger Games), race cars, guns. It’s everywhere and Josh and Butch made that happen in short time.

This 43INC, focused on veteran entrepreneurship, provided a great opportunity to hear from some Idaho locals who have accomplished amazing things after the military. It also connected Mission43 members and business leaders so they could connect professionally and create opportunities they didn’t know existed.

We had an incredible debut for Mission43 INC (Innovate + Network + Connect)