Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Trillitye “Trill” Paullin, Ph.D.

This Mission43 member has been kicking things into high gear lately. A Molecular Biologist, soldier in the Idaho Army National Guard, entrepreneur, volunteer leader for The Mission Continues, and wife and mother of two daughters. You might say Trill keeps herself busy.  

Trill is an OIF veteran and is presently serving in the Idaho Army National Guard. Like many veterans, she feels the need to continue service in her own community. This led her to The Mission Continues (TMC), a nation-wide non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together veterans and civilians to solve challenging issues in communities through service projects. Trill served as a volunteer for the Tampa Platoon for three years and is now the Boise 1st Platoon Leader with a mission focused on improving youth education in the Treasure Valley.  

Trill’s passion as a Molecular Biologist and mother of two daughters with food sensitivities led to her entrepreneurship, founding Free to Feed, LLC (F2F). F2F creates science-based content for allergen-free breastfeeding and is developing products to empower parents through infant allergies. Learn more about her company here:

Trill attributes much of her success to the opportunities provided by Mission 43. “My husband and I have had the honor of attending M43’s entrepreneurial courses, networking events, and utilized several of their core programs. For example, Hire Heroes USA helped me find a great job in Boise through resume writing and mock interviews while Team Rubicon allowed my family to connect with service-minded individuals in the area.”