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M43 Podcast EP006: Alison Garrow and Guild Education

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Brian and Bryan sit down with the ever-energetic and knowledgeable Alison Garrow, the Veteran & Servicemember Liaison at Guild Education/Mission43. They discuss the background on the selection of Guild as the education partner for Mission43 and why Guild Education is so successful in supporting Mission43 members in their academic pursuit.

You will learn about the extent of Guild Education’s services that include success advising and partner universities with a robust lists of degree and certificate programs. You will also gain a keen sense of why a conversation with Alison is helpful to anyone considering using their GI Bill education benefits and starting their education journey off right.

Oh yeah, you will also learn that she likes shooting whistle pigs!



DEGREE OPTION: Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in as Little as 18 Months

Did you know that not all colleges fully accept military training credits? What about CCAF, or Community College of the Air Force, credits?

I didn’t either!


When I transitioned from the military in 2008, I was under the impression that:

  1. Finding a job would be SO easy because of my military experience (I mean, that is what “they” tell you, right?)

  2. That college would be a breeze because I already had so many transfer credits.

Unfortunately, like many transitioning military members find out, that was NOT the case!

Now, I did eventually find employment (after an entire year of searching), but it should have been so much easier, right?! I had a CCAF degree. Surely that should have counted for something?! Okay, I was wrong about that. My associate degree was an applied science in avionics, but I wasn’t looking for positions in the aircraft industry. I wanted to help people, not fix aircraft. I didn’t initially take into consideration that I needed to tailor my education to be more relevant to the industry where I was looking for employment.

So, I did what any prior service member would, and decided to go back to school. If I had known then what I know now, I would have done it completely different.

I knew I had the GI Bill benefits, but by the time I decided to go back to school, enough time had passed that I didn’t really remember all the ins and outs, how to apply, which bill to use since I qualified for Montgomery (Chapter 30) and Post-9/11 (Chapter 33), etc. It was a mess of Googling my way through it. My school was no help. That should have been my first red flag! It wasn’t.

Three years later, after taking accelerated, five-week classes back to back, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Do you see the problem with that? 3 years! Accelerated classes! CCAF (60+ credits) already completed! Again, unfortunately, like many service members, I ended up in a for-profit education institution that did not recognize most, if not all, of my CCAF degree and military transfer credits. I basically started over. For nearly three years they collected my Post-9/11 education benefits, leaving me with eight days left of eligibility by the time I graduated.


That’s why I’m here - to assist you in making an educational decision that will move you forward in a meaningful way, maximize your military transfer credits, CCAF degree, and experience.

We work with regionally accredited, non-profit, top-ranked universities that have online programs, and will recognize all military training credits evaluated by ACE (American Council on Education) as well as CCAF credits.


Choose from a variety of degree programs that give you prior academic credit for your military service:

  • Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership

  • BS in Intelligence and Security Studies

  • BS in Emergency Management

  • BS in Sustainability Management

  • BA in Sport Management

  • BS in Cybersecurity

  • And more!


Alison Garrow is Mission43’s Guild Education Advisor. Her role is to learn more about your goals, provide free advising to connect you with the right program, and ultimately help you apply and get started on your degree. Once in school, you will have a personal Guild Education Advisor who is your accountability partner to help you make it to graduation. This support is all free for Mission43 veterans and military spouses! Check out our M43 Education page for more details.

To get started, fill out the form below and Alison will reach out to you ASAP. Get started today!


Name *
Phone (Optional)
Phone (Optional)

Degree Option: Masters Degree in 7 Classes

Degree Option: Masters Degree in 7 Classes

Your military leadership training counts at Brandman University! If you served as a Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer (CW2+), or as a Senior NCO (E7+) you can earn a Master’s in Organizational Leadership in only 7 classes. Most Master degrees require two or more years, with Brandman’s MAOL, you could have your degree complete in a year or less!

Degree Option: Medical and Health Services Management Programs

Degree Option: Medical and Health Services Management Programs

In Idaho alone, healthcare administration and management careers are increasing nearly 50% faster than the overall job growth rate. With the average annual salary hovering around $80,000, and growth expected to sustain through at least 2022, now is the perfect time to fast-track your education and accelerate your career in one of Idaho’s fastest growing industries.

Earned: The M43 Victory Kit

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In the fall of 2017, we introduced an opportunity for our military and military spouse members to receive our New Member Welcome Kit free of charge. To date, over 800 have been shipped to 27 different states. Now, we are excited to introduce the Victory Kit. The Victory Kit is earned and represents the core reason Mission43 exists; education and employment. It is sent as a thank you and congratulations to those members who have accomplished one of two things.

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What's included in the Victory Kit:

  • Timbuktu backpack
  • M43 Journal / Notebook
  • Large tumbler

The first way a member can earn the Victory Kit is by working with a personal success advisor at Guild Education and going back to school at one of our partner universities. This individual has decided to make a better version of themself and become more valuable in their profession. We believe in the motto “education is freedom” and with hundreds of degree options, incredible education benefits earned through military service, and Guild’s very personalized advising; along every step from enrollment through graduation there is nothing but opportunity for those who want to take it. So we are honored to be able to give the Victory Kit to all those headed back to school.

The second way a member can earn a Victory Kit is by finding their next career using the services of Hire Heroes USA. By far, we have seen that finding quality employment is the top concern for transitioning military and their spouses, and we believe this is one of the most crucial aspects to thriving in life after the military. The members who have done this are finding quality employment, not just low-level positions to fill the gap. Their average starting salary has been above $50,000 in Idaho for over 24 months, and career positions have spanned over 20 different employment sectors. This is exciting to us because this means very talented leaders with military backgrounds are spreading throughout the state, and we believe this has a very positive impact on Idaho and our economy. So, those who have used the tools and proven techniques of Hire Heroes USA to find their next career also earn the Mission43 Victory Kit.

Keep your eye out for the folks carrying a Mission43 backpack and ask to hear their story. They have earned it by seizing the opportunity to succeed after the military. If you are one of those individuals then we want to say thank you and of luck in your future endeavors!

2017 Accomplishments

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At the end of 2017, Mission43 was still less than two years old as an organization. However, we didn’t let our age get in the way of making things happen through our pillars of education, employment, purpose, and connection. By creating quality opportunities in these areas and bringing forward the attributes of veterans and military spouses, we can make Idaho communities a stronger place.

Each pillar organization brought solid leadership to the table with a similar mindset that veterans are not victims. This fresh perspective from those on the team who are currently serving military, recently transitioned, and military spouses, permeated through the opportunities we created throughout the year. We met incredible people along the way who have inspired us and we are proud to now call friends.

Each year, over 200,000 men and women leave the service. Despite billions spent, it is our opinion that military transition programs are largely unaccountable in effectively providing the tools for a successful transition. To that point, here are a few things we can stand behind as 2017 accomplishments in making Idaho possible for families after the military:

  • Guild Education has maintained an 87% retention rate for those enrolled in one of their five partner universities.

  • Hire Heroes USA has empowered over 250 veterans and military spouses in finding their next career in Idaho at an average starting salary of $52,000.

  • Team Rubicon’s membership base in Idaho grew by over 200 new members for a total of 450 throughout the state.

  • 43INC, the new connection pillar, was established and created monthly networking opportunities.

  • We conducted 47 events that included trainings, employment workshops, networking, and fitness opportunities.

  • The Welcome Kits started shipping to those who took our new member survey, getting quality Mission43 gear into the hands of veterans and military spouses.

  • More than 2,000 people are now registered with Mission43

Check out our 2017 highlight video to see what all this looks like in action. We appreciate the support of all those involved and couldn’t be more thankful to have the opportunity to meet incredible people along the way. Looking forward to 2018 and the years to come!

Idaho’s 2017 September 11th Moving Tribute

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2017 marked the 16th anniversary of the the September 11, 2001 attack on our nation. For those who recently served, it is the closest we can come to understanding what Pearl Harbor meant to our grandparents. This year in an effort to honor those we lost, we carried a flag bearing the names of all the first responders and civilians who were killed on 9.11.2001, over 40 miles on a route across the Treasure Valley. This event was called Idaho’s 9.11 Moving Tribute.

0846 Flight 11 Hit the North Tower

We began at 0846 at Lucky Peak Reservoir, the same time Flight 11 hit the North Tower. Over 60 people carried the flag throughout the day, stopping only to mark the times the planes struck and when the towers collapsed. At 0937, when the Pentagon was hit by Flight 77, we had the family of Brady Howell, one of two Idahoans killed in that moment, carrying the flag in his honor. Ten different police and fire departments provide escort throughout the entire nine-hour tribute, a great symbolism of the respect between first responders and the military.

The pillar organizations of Mission43 came together just like they do on a daily basis supporting the military community in Idaho. Each took responsibility for a leg of the relay by finding volunteers within their organizations to help carry the flag, and by ensuring they met the next pillar organization in time for the hand-off.

60 People Helped Carry the Flag Over 40 Miles. 

At the end of the 40 miles, we arrived at the future home of a Mission43 Firebase, the Caldwell Veterans Memorial Hall. We had food, drinks, and brought closure to the day with a ceremony led by Noah Siple. We couldn’t have been more proud of the way 9.11 was honored by the leaders, volunteers, and public who took part in this tribute.

Keep an eye out for next year. We will be looking to do something bigger and bolder and will need even more people to help carry the flag in honor of September 11th.


July 2017 After Action Review

July was a solid month for the Mission43 team. We wanted to check in and give you an update on what was accomplished and what was happening behind the scenes. So first, central to Mission43’s purpose, are the four pillar organizations:


Education: Guild Education brought another school on board for Mission43. The University of Denver brings the total number of schools we are working with to five. This is important because we are finding more schools that give appropriate academic credit for military service, while expanding the number and types of degrees available. Coupled with Guild Education’s expertise in using your benefits, this is starting to change the standard for our academia friends in supporting military students.


Employment: 176 hires in 16 months; average starting salary of $51,000, 94% full-time positions. Think careers, not jobs. The Hire Heroes USA machine is achieving unmatched results in Idaho.


Purpose: Team Rubicon conducted another Idaho disaster relief operation, this time supporting flood clean-up as the high waters from winter runoff have receded. TR members removed sand bags and debris, showing service to the community doesn’t end after the military. In addition, Brian Von Herbulis, Idaho’s TR lead and National Wildland Firefighter Coordinator, has facilitated the deployment of over 50 veterans to fires around the country.


Connection: Team Red, White & Blue continues to stay active with weekly runs, mountain bike rides, and social events. Chad Rohr, the Boise chapter captain, is now known as the “guy carrying the flag” everywhere he goes! Team RWB also recently hired their Boise-based Program Manager, Cody Sohn. She joins us from Fort Benning, GA and will be re-locating to the area in August. We are excited to have her on the ground and helping to grow chapters around the state!


Mid-July also welcomed the 31st Annual Twilight Criterium to Boise, one of the top cycling road races in the country, so we kicked off the event with a Mission43 INC Happy Hour at the veteran-owned Powderhaus Brewery. Our official partner, Team Twenty20, a pro-cycling team with their eyes on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics joined us to hang out and raffle off a ton of prizes from their sponsors. After that, we hosted a VIP tent at the Criterium and watched Team Twenty20 take the win in the women’s pro race. We had a great turnout at both and enjoyed the opportunity to network and connect with Mission43 friends and families! Check out our photos from the event.

We have good momentum heading into August. Keep an eye on our events and feel free to join us when the time is right!

43INC Happy Hour with Team Rubicon

Task Force Locust (aka Mission43) came in to Payette Brewing Company, took up space, enjoyed some beers, and had a great time with other members and our community partners. This 43INC Happy Hour had a Team Rubicon slant with the Regional X Administrator, Aaron Mallary, flying in from his HQ in Seattle. He presented Sandra Rollings the very first Region X challenge coin for for her leadership in Operation Payette Forward (learn more about this first ever Idaho TR op here). 

We also had a few of our community partners swing by to talk about how they are working with Mission43. 

  • Trailhead is providing scholarships for their stackable front-end code school classes. More to follow on this...we will be announcing how to apply for the next class starting April 24th
  • Keller Williams Front Porch Properties is helping us connect our members to veteran real estate agents (especially those out of state) who want to learn more about the local area. They also have some pretty cool incentives to pile on with your closing costs. 

Next 43INC Happy Hour is April 27th...swing on by!

Support to the Idaho National Guard

Mission43 was honored to host the kick-off reception for The Adjutant General’s Leadership Day. (The “TAG” is the Major General, or two-star, in command of a state’s National Guard). We hung out in the Telaya Winery production area and were joined by Butch Whiting, CEO and co-founder of Kryptek Outdoor Group.

Brian Von Herbulis, the 43INC man-in-charge, and Butch have both successfully commanded in combat and gave a great perspective on leadership. And the Telaya wine was as good as it gets!

Idaho National Guard Reception in the Telaya Winery "Production Room"

A Partnership with the ESPN Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Mission43 partnered with ESPN’s Famous Idaho Potato Bowl to provide over 2,000 tickets for military families to watch the University of Idaho take on Colorado State. We also hosted a tailgate for the first 500 people to show up for the festivities in our exclusive Mission43 tent that featured local brews, BBQ, and coffee from Cafe Mule (Idaho veteran owned business!). A few lucky military spouses even won access badges to the heated sky box!

No game is complete without a flyover from something that burns JP-8. Thanks to the 391st Bold Tigers, an F-15E squadron from Mountain Home Air Force, for the three ship that hit the timing perfectly.

The Launch of Mission43

Scotty Smiley, author of Hope Unseen.

Scotty Smiley, author of Hope Unseen.

Mission43 officially kicked off at Boise State University's Stueckle Sky Center on March 15, 2016. The room was packed with leaders from the community, currently serving military members from the Idaho National Guard and Mountain Home Air Force Base, military spouses, and veterans who came to hear about this different approach to supporting transitioning military families.

Mission43 isn’t for the veteran who thinks he is owed something after volunteering to serve in the military.
— Bryan Madden, Mission43 Program Manager

Scotty Smiley gave the keynote address. He was blinded by a vehicle born IED in 2005, but went on to graduate from Duke with his MBA, became the first active duty blind company commander, climbed Mount Rainier, and authored the book Hope Unseen to tell his story of never giving up. 

Jake Wood, CEO and co-founder of Team Rubicon, talked about what it takes to be a TR member and the reason why so many of us are ready to answer the call when our communities need disaster response support. Blayne Smith, Executive Director of Team Red, White & Blue talked about the eagles ethos and the importance of enriching the lives of America's veterans through physical and social activity. Finally, Brian Stann addressed the crowd via video and talked about the Hire Heroes USA team behind each veteran and military spouse who are there every step of the way in the search for their next career.