The First 43INC Entrepreneurial Garage: Mission Complete

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By Brian Von Herbulis, Director 43INC

The first Mission43 Entrepreneurial Garage is “mission complete.” From March through May of 2018, in partnership with the Boise State University Venture College, we launched our first veteran entrepreneur course known as the The Garage. During this journey, six Mission43 members went “under the hood “ and conducted a detailed exploration of their business idea. Three members of the cohort sought to expand their pre-existing business and three came to the course with a new startup idea.

The Garage is a peer-centric course designed to inspire Mission43 members who have a business idea and provide them with an adaptive model centered around design thinking and lean startup methodology. The course also provides insights through other local entrepreneurs as well as exposure and feedback from the well-established network that exists at Boise State University’s Venture College.

By providing resources, tools, and feedback, each member of the cohort was able to dive into their idea and more clearly develop critical aspects such as defining their customer segments and value proposition. Through this process, they analyzed the problem their business is designed to solve and how they planned to deliver their value through focused communication, distribution, and sales channels. They also analyzed critical facets of their business model to include key resources, activities, and partners necessary to establish or grow their business.

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After several sessions dedicated to refining business ideas, the course culminated on May 9th with each member of the cohort providing a four-minute pitch presentation to two groups of local entrepreneurs, business professionals, and investors. Each presenter received critical feedback and most importantly, they gained a local resource network and increased clarity on how to move forward.

The team at Mission43 and the Venture College are proud of our Garage cohort members and the progress they made during the course. Each member walked away with an improved version of their business model, confidence in their idea, and a plan to take critical next steps. We look forward to continuing to support each of these entrepreneurs as they pursue success with their business ideas and strengthening the local economy.

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If you are a member of Mission43 and want to explore your business idea further, we encourage you to sign up for our next Entrepreneur Garage. Let us help you explore and create a sustainable veteran-owned business here in Idaho.

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Brian Von Herbulis ( is the director of 43INC, the connection pillar of Mission43. Brian retired from the USMC in 2014 after a career culminating as Recon Marine Battalion Commander. After discovering Idaho through a military TDY in the early 2000’s, he and his family now call it home.