Earned: The M43 Victory Kit

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In the fall of 2017, we introduced an opportunity for our military and military spouse members to receive our New Member Welcome Kit free of charge. To date, over 800 have been shipped to 27 different states. Now, we are excited to introduce the Victory Kit. The Victory Kit is earned and represents the core reason Mission43 exists; education and employment. It is sent as a thank you and congratulations to those members who have accomplished one of two things.

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What's included in the Victory Kit:

  • Timbuktu backpack
  • M43 Journal / Notebook
  • Large tumbler

The first way a member can earn the Victory Kit is by working with a personal success advisor at Guild Education and going back to school at one of our partner universities. This individual has decided to make a better version of themself and become more valuable in their profession. We believe in the motto “education is freedom” and with hundreds of degree options, incredible education benefits earned through military service, and Guild’s very personalized advising; along every step from enrollment through graduation there is nothing but opportunity for those who want to take it. So we are honored to be able to give the Victory Kit to all those headed back to school.

The second way a member can earn a Victory Kit is by finding their next career using the services of Hire Heroes USA. By far, we have seen that finding quality employment is the top concern for transitioning military and their spouses, and we believe this is one of the most crucial aspects to thriving in life after the military. The members who have done this are finding quality employment, not just low-level positions to fill the gap. Their average starting salary has been above $50,000 in Idaho for over 24 months, and career positions have spanned over 20 different employment sectors. This is exciting to us because this means very talented leaders with military backgrounds are spreading throughout the state, and we believe this has a very positive impact on Idaho and our economy. So, those who have used the tools and proven techniques of Hire Heroes USA to find their next career also earn the Mission43 Victory Kit.

Keep your eye out for the folks carrying a Mission43 backpack and ask to hear their story. They have earned it by seizing the opportunity to succeed after the military. If you are one of those individuals then we want to say thank you and congratulations...best of luck in your future endeavors!