Announcing the 43 Project- Telling the Mission43 Story

Over the coming months, Mission43 will be bringing to light a series of stories featuring Idaho veterans and spouses transitioning to ‘their next.’ Their ‘next’ may be a new career they didn't know was possible. Their ‘next’ may be a new community they feel proud to be part of. We will also see stories of employers and community members who have been impacted by those who have worked with Mission43.

These are stories of leaders and lifelong learners. Military service, which includes the service of our spouses, is an inspiration for Idaho. Now, with The 43 Project, what most didn't know existed around them will come to light.

Get started with Adonis Jones and hear how a little boost from Hire Heroes USA changed his outlook on what was possible.

“My transition happened in phases. I went from active duty to Idaho National Guard. It was 2004 when I started working full-time for the Idaho National Guard. At that point, I kind of lost my way as far as how to be a civilian. And so working with Mission43 and Hire Heroes USA, kind of got me back into that mindset of how to transition from that whole military mindset to becoming a civilian and handling business in a whole different perspective.” - Adonis Jones

Check out the full line-up of the 43 Project stories on YouTube!