Not What You Are Used To. The Hire Heroes USA Workshop and Career Day.

A lot of us have been required to attend transition programs run by the DoD (starts with a “T” and ends in “APS”). You may have been to a well-intentioned civilian employer event at your base. However, these experiences have always left us wondering if it was worth our time, and the answer is usually the same.

Enter the Hire Heroes USA team. They are not what you are used to. They are a performance-based organization that empowers you (military, veterans, and military spouses) to transition to your next career. Fortunately for us, we have our own Idaho team that works directly with Mission43 to make sure Idaho can be a possibility for military families after their service.

The Idaho Hire Heroes USA team just completed back-to-back employment events over two days. The first was a transition workshop, which transforms a candidate into the ‘package deal’ for employers. Attendees built their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, learned how to “dress for success” thanks to Men’s Wearhouse, and developed crucial interviewing “TTPs”...wait no military acronyms when interviewing! It’s tough to replicate the quality and experience behind what is accomplished in a Hire Heroes USA workshop. Special thanks to Deloitte Boise for providing the venue and volunteer support!

The second event was Career Day (aka full dress rehearsal) where the lessons from Hire Heroes USA were put into practice. Check the stats:

  • 34 job ready candidates attended
  • 3 traveled from out of state intending to move to Idaho
  • A minimum of 3 mock interviews per candidate were completed (over 100 total!)
  • 11 companies brought Human Resources staff to do the interviews
  • A team of 17 volunteers from Deloitte kept everything on track

All this resulted in career ready ready veterans, military spouses, and transitioning military in addition to multiple actual job opportunities.

A sample of the companies who participated: HP INC, NY Life, St. Luke’s Health System, St. Alphonsus, Zions Bank, Micron, PacificSource, Albertsons.

Expect more of these to come from the Hire Heroes USA team! In the meantime, if you want to start working with your own Transition Specialist join Mission43 and be sure to select Hire Heroes USA on your registration!