Team Rubicon Cleans Up After Flood Waters Recede

When a group of Idaho Team Rubicon members heard there were contaminated sandbags and debris along the Boise River that needed to be cleaned up, they got to work and helped Ada County Emergency Management restore the riverbank to normal as flood waters receded.

Rivers swelled and stayed in flood state all across Idaho after a record 2017-2018 winter. While the sandbags helped defend local homes and apartments against the rising waters, when the river returned to normal levels massive amounts of debris and hundreds of sandbags remained along the riverbank.

"This was dirty but important work. The contaminated sandbags needed to be removed before causing health issues for residents of the affected community. This is a great example of how former military are still serving their communities. Local Team Rubicon members came together, worked in 100 degree heat, and made quick work of the task, saving Ada County money in clean-up costs and helping a community return to normal." - Brian J. Von Herbulis, Team Rubicon Idaho.

There are opportunities to get involved for both military and civilians. Learn more: Team Rubicon Idaho Facebook page or Join Mission43 and select “Team Rubicon.”