Training the Academics

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Colleges are all about the GI Bill $$$’s, but they often don’t even understand the value of having someone with military experience in their classroom. We worked with Boise State University and their Veteran Student Center faculty to bring out our good friend and partner in crime, Mike Schindler, to create a conversation around this very thing.

Mike immediately demonstrated that most people immediately think of PTSD when talking about veterans. However, by the end this group was preaching the word on the top 5 veteran traits (ie life-long learners, loyal, strong work ethic…) and how to leverage those traits. There was even a serious look at whether or not Boise State University was “veteran friendly.”

We truly appreciate the staff, faculty, and students who attended this discussion. It is a testament to their desire to focus on the students and create a better learning experience.

Mike Schindler is the founder and CEO of Operation Military Family Cares. Check out his recent book, U.S. Veterans in the Workforce, where he honored Mission43 with it’s very own chapter!

Mike Schindler, CEO Operation Military Family Cares at Boise State University.