The Launch of Mission43

Scotty Smiley, author of Hope Unseen.

Scotty Smiley, author of Hope Unseen.

Mission43 officially kicked off at Boise State University's Stueckle Sky Center on March 15, 2016. The room was packed with leaders from the community, currently serving military members from the Idaho National Guard and Mountain Home Air Force Base, military spouses, and veterans who came to hear about this different approach to supporting transitioning military families.

Mission43 isn’t for the veteran who thinks he is owed something after volunteering to serve in the military.
— Bryan Madden, Mission43 Program Manager

Scotty Smiley gave the keynote address. He was blinded by a vehicle born IED in 2005, but went on to graduate from Duke with his MBA, became the first active duty blind company commander, climbed Mount Rainier, and authored the book Hope Unseen to tell his story of never giving up. 

Jake Wood, CEO and co-founder of Team Rubicon, talked about what it takes to be a TR member and the reason why so many of us are ready to answer the call when our communities need disaster response support. Blayne Smith, Executive Director of Team Red, White & Blue talked about the eagles ethos and the importance of enriching the lives of America's veterans through physical and social activity. Finally, Brian Stann addressed the crowd via video and talked about the Hire Heroes USA team behind each veteran and military spouse who are there every step of the way in the search for their next career.