Team Rubicon Red Card Training

This Idaho based training almost didn't happen. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had their 2016 Team Rubicon Red Card training schedule set, but with Team Rubicon's new increased presence in Idaho with Mission43 and Boise having the National Interagency Firefighting Center (NIFC) we were able to make this happen. 

Classes were held at NIFC and the field training portion was done up the road near Idaho City in the Boise National Forest. Over 20 veterans completed the course and earned their "Red Card," which certifies them to fight wildland fire on a Type II crew. Now, in partnership between Team Rubicon and the BLM, they can be called up short notice to deploy around the country and be on the front lines of fire. 

What did their schedule look like?

  • Day 1: In-processing and 45lb weighted pack test.
  • Day 2: Classroom ops covering ICS, fire behavior, PPE, and human factors.
  • Day 3: Field Day! Learn to use the tools and operate safely on the fire line.
  • Day 4: Wrap up and graduation.

If you are interested, we are already planning on doing this next year. As always, watch our events page for that announcement.