An RWB Great...The Old Glory Relay

A very impromptu stop at an elementary school along the route. The principal brought the whole school out to say hello and hear about what we were doing.

n. The Old Glory Relay- One flag run across the country from Seattle, Washington to Tampa, Florida.

Team Red, White, & Blue invited Mission43 to participate in the 2016 Old Glory Relay so we met up with them for a 56 mile leg in northern California. We didn’t know what to expect, but were absolutely blown away by the social connection and support from the community we felt running along the road.

The honks and cheers are almost constant.

Connection. You helped carry the flag for one day with your small team, which was physically challenging in itself. But, it took hundreds of people and months to get it across the country.

Honor. We served in the military to defend the American values. When the Mission43 team carried the flag, it was our honor to carry the flag and be a small part of the Old Glory Relay.