A 43INC Focused on Non-Profits

Non-profits play an important role in our community and three of the organizations in Mission43 operate under 501c(3) status. So, we thought it was important to hear from the leaders who have created some of the best non-profits we know of.

Mike Erwin, founder of the 100,000 strong Team Red, White, & Blue, started this non-profit while attending grad school at University of Michigan. Mike was an intelligence officer in the Army after graduating from West Point in 2002, and typical of the “it’s a small world” military worked directly with Brian Von Herbulis (43INC HFMIC) in Afghanistan years prior. His high energy and positive psychology led him to create his next non-profit, the Positivity Project. We love Mike!

Jimmy Hallyburton, a Boise local and favorite in the community, is the founder and CEO of the Boise Bicycle Project. Jimmy is a good friend of the Mission43 team and is a natural born leader. BBP is doing incredible things for the kiddos, ladies incarcerated in the prison down on Pleasant Valley Road, and everyone in between. Jimmy also recently brought an incredible Mission43 veteran onto his board to bring expertise in leadership and project management. Thanks for being you, Jimmy!

Finally, Charlie Linville is part of the Heroes Project and etched himself in history this past May for becoming the first combat amputee to summit Mount Everest. He brings the perspective of a veteran who has worked closely with a non-profit to do great things after leaving the service.

We had a fantastic evening thanks to our community partner, Trailhead. Trailhead is a Boise based entrepreneur incubator and was gracious enough to give us the space for the evening. Thanks fellas!!!