Three Take-Aways from 43INC with a 3x Olympic Gold Medalist

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We have sat down with some incredible guests at Mission43 INC. Josh Cleghorn and Butch Whiting are the co-founders of the Eagle, Idaho based Kryptek Outdoor Group. Brian Stann is the recipient of the Silver Star, fought in the UFC, and is the former CEO of Hire Heroes USA. The Nunez sisters have turned military surplus gear into a highly respected fashion brand with their company, Sword & Plough. Now, we have had the opportunity to hear from the most decorated U.S. women’s cyclist of all time and hear first hand about what it takes to be the best in the world. Incredibly, a lot of these attributes were developed growing up and moving around the world in a USMC family.

Kristin Armstrong is the only female U.S. athlete to win the same individual event (time trial) in three consecutive Olympic Games, taking home the Gold in Beijing 2008, London 2012, and Rio 2016. She is a two-time World Champion and has won six U.S. National Championships. Now, she is the Endurance Performance Director at USA Cycling and more importantly we are so fortunate to have this incredible mom, wife, and leader call Idaho her home.

We had over 130 people join us at Cinder Wines where Kristin spent time talking with our members. She then stepped on stage and answered questions so we could gain insight into the attitude and attributes of someone who has accomplished so much. Here are three take-aways that inspired us and can be applied to your life:


Prior to Kristin’s third Olympic Games, forces came together to prevent her from heading to Rio. They argued she was too old, she was injured, her time was up. She fought back because she knew they were wrong and she didn’t have an unrealistic belief in her capabilities. Less than a month later, Kristin delivered by winning gold for the USA in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Nothing speaks louder than your performance.


Kristin had to dig deep inside to decide who she was going to be after winning her third gold medal. Much like departing the military, this was a major transition period in her life. In fact, just days after winning Olympic gold in Rio, and while the Games were still on, Kristin was back in Boise shopping at Target to buy school supplies for her son (not basking in the glory of Olympic village!). Instead, she found closure with her accomplishments and promised herself she would wake up everyday and enjoy this new chapter in life. More importantly, her new mission is to move the dial in other people's lives and help others become champions. 

"Look at the positives. You get to transition, instead of having to transition."


When Kristin’s father retired from the USMC and transitioned to his new civilian career, she recalled his willingness to accept a position that he was overqualified to hold. However, he knew he would provide so much value that this would only be a short stop while he earned credibility and rapidly rose in the organization. He sacrificed up front because he trusted in himself to succeed.  

The time we spent with Kristin Armstrong is a big deal and Mission43 is extremely grateful to be able to connect our members with such an incredible person in the community. Check out the pictures from the evening and keep an eye out for our next big event!