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The bond of service is great. We are strongest when we're together.

Team Red White & Blue member running with an American flag in front of a line of military vehicles. 

Team RWB

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Physical Training helps shape the body and the mind. Staying active, physically and socially, creates strong bonds and a sense of community. Team Red White & Blue is a positive way to connect with your community through physical and social activity to create deep relationships and renew your sense of purpose and belonging.

Nationwide, Team RWB has quickly grown to over 100,000 members in just a few short years. Team RWB is unique because you don’t have to be a veteran to join. As long as you can live the Eagle Ethos of passion, people, positivity, commitment, camaraderie, and community there is a place for you. Expect to see RWB communities grow all over Idaho. In 2017, Idaho will be host to Team RWB leadership development camps. Click for more information about the leadership camps.  

Sign up to join your local chapter then keep your eye out for the iconic red shirts whether you are out on the trail, on a bike ride, or in your community. We can’t wait to have you join and be part of the team


Our vision is that Team Red White and Blue will have a leading role in transforming our communities.
— Joe Quinn, Director of Leader Development: Team Red White & Blue