idaho's 2017 9.11 moving tribute


9.11.2001. We all remember where we were. Now we head into the 16th anniversary, and we want to make sure this is still a day we recognize. 

The Mission. One flag, the Flag of Honor, bearing the names of every first responder and citizen killed during the attack will be passed from person to person in a 40-mile trek through the community. First responders will be escorting throughout the route and the public is invited to bring their own flag to run, walk, or ruck and be part of a special tribute to 9.11.2001. 


At the end of the journey, we celebrate. Come out for a family friendly social with the Bang on the Wall Gourmet Burgers food truck, drinks from Bear Island Brewing, and good company at the future home of the Mission43 Firebase, the Caldwell Veterans Memorial Hall

4:30pm- Celebration kick-offs with food and drinks!

6:00pm Flag arrival ceremony

participate: JOIN AT ANY TIME and at any point

Everyone. Individuals, families, or groups are welcome to join in where you choose! No RSVP necessary, but we do recommend you contact the leg captain for the area you want to participate so they can keep you informed on the progress or any route changes. Moving Tribute participants will receive a complimentary t-shirt!

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The route and timeline

The Moving Tribute will start at 8:46am, the exact time Flight 11 struck the North Tower. Five legs, between Lucky Peak to Caldwell, will highlight the different organizations and pillars of Mission43 with law enforcement and first responders providing an escort at different points along the way. Keep an eye on our Mission43 Facebook page on 9/11 for updates on the progress. 

Mission43 Leg (10.2 miles)

0830 Ceremony at Lucky Peak Sandy Point 

0846 Moving Tribute Begins from Sandy Point (Flight 11 Hit North Tower)

0903 Moment of Silence/Temporary Halt HWY 21 High Bridge (Flight 75 Hit South Tower)

0937 Moment of Silence/Temporary Halt (Flight 77 Hit Pentagon)

1007 M43 End Point/Moment of Silence Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park (Flight 93 Crashed in Shanksville, PA)

Leg captain: Bryan Madden (

TEAM RED, WHITE & BLUE LEG (4.3 miles)

1007 Team RWB Start Point Kristen Armstrong Park (Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, PA)

1200 Team RWB End Point Veterans Memorial Park

Leg captain: Chad Rohr (


1200 Hire Heroes USA Start Point Veteran's Memorial Park

1400 Hire Heroes USA End Point Eagle Rd. and State St.

Contact the leg captain: Tony Torres (

TEAM RUBICON LEG (9.7 miles)

1400 Team Rubicon Start Point Eagle Rd. and State St.

1600 Hwy 20/26 and Can-Ada Rd.

Contact the leg captain: Brian Von Herbulis (


1600 Guild Education / CVMH Start Point Hwy 20/26 and Can-Ada Rd.

1800 Arrive Caldwell Veterans Memorial Hall / Ceremony

Contact the leg captain: Alison Garrow (

media inquiries

Contact Heather Hill ( or 208-424-2640